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Employers, please note:  Your responsibilities as an Employer in Purdue University’s Cooperative Education program are described in the “Statement of Understanding” (SOU) located at the link below.  Please review the SOU before proceeding with your registration and be prepared to agree to the terms and conditions therein.  If you have questions, please contact our office.

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Purdue University -- Cooperative Education Program
Work Plan Agreement
Below are 5 principles we require each employer to abide by and make a plan to accommodate within their organization prior to recruiting for, or extending offers to, Purdue Co-Op Students.
1)  Agree to assign an appropriate Co-Op Supervisor and a Co-Op mentor for each student.
2)  Ensure the assigned work aligns with the student's academic program.
3)  Ensure the assigned work per rotation aligns with the level of learning for a student in his/her academic curriculum and grade level.
4)  Ensure that assignments on successive rotations will have increased responsibility and challenge.
5)  Discuss with each student before the end of each rotation their expected goals upon return and the anticipated return date, location, and assignment for their next rotation.
Optional Requirement (for Employer's consideration):  Suggest requiring Co-Op student to make a formal presentation of their work experience to senior leadership at the organization, near the end of their work session. 
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