The above named employer accepts the following responsibilities related to its participation in Purdue University’s GEARE Program:
  1. GEARE employers need to enter the program with a long-term point of view and provide both internships that the GEARE program requires of the students. The sequence of internships is based on academic and/or job-related activities, and is approved by the GEARE Coordinator in collaboration with the student and the employer. Employers who terminate students early or fail to uphold the standards and expectations of the Purdue Professional Practice Programs may be subject to suspension of their program.
  2. Submit and update, as requested, a job description for the initial discipline(s) in which the employer wishes to recruit. The job description describes the assignments that a student might receive in the domestic and international internships.
  3. Provide appropriate documents to the Purdue GEARE student for the international internship to help the Office of Professional Practice to facilitate work permits and residence visas for the student.
  4. Pay the student a reasonable wage that is comparable to the in-country internship rate and commensurate with the student's ability, experience, and the job responsibilities. Wage is to be provided directly to the student.
  5. Provide housing stipend for any student that attends a school where the school address is more than 50 miles from the international work site.
  6. Provide employment related to some phase of the student’s field of study. The work experience should supplement, enhance and utilize the student’s background. The work responsibilities should push the student to expand their technical abilities and enhance their educational development and gain real world experience in an international company.
  7. Provide some form of timely job interview closure to each student considering employment in the GEARE Program.
  8. Provide diversified assignments to give the student a variety of experiences.
  9. Provide work of increasing technical involvement and responsibility commensurate with the student’s abilities as the student progresses through the program.
  10. Place the student under the supervision of a qualified manager who can provide the student with effective guidance and counsel during the work session and assist the student in adapting to the work environment and the organization.
  11. Counsel with the student regarding job performance and complete a performance evaluation form at the end of the domestic and international internships.
  12. Approve the written work report required of the student prior to the departure of the student for the subsequent academic session.
  13. Permit GEARE Coordinators and/or the Directors to visit the work site and the students periodically to review the program.
  14. Allow the collection of reasonable data for statistical evaluation purposes.
  15. Support and assist in the enforcement of the academic standards required (12 credits of foreign language and minimum GPA) for entrance to and continuation in the program.
  16. Provide neither bond nor guarantee of full-time employment when the student completes GEARE requirements.
  17. State that the employer is an equal opportunity employer and abide by all local, state, and country employment laws.
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